"Uam Uam" by Fro-Disa


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The UK jazz dancer's favorite Nu-tunes!

"Uam Uam" by Fro-Disa

1. Rip One / Another burton
: mid tempo stuff to start with from the Subcontract label in Japan. From The album Epitome, 2008.

2. Mocean Worker ft Bill Frisell / Salted fatback
3. Mocean Worker / Chick a boom boom boom
: both these tracks from the 2004 "Enter The Mowo" album. nice nu jazz

4. Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchstra / 2 Sorpasso
: Germany`s Chin Chin records. Like this` D`Jazzonga` album. 2008

5. The Pluton Kids / Deep down in my soul (Fabio Nobile remix)
: Irma records Italy. This band seems to have produced several chill tracks for Irma in the past. this one gets the Fabio Nobile nujazz treatment aimed straight for the dancefloor. From the Sister Bossa 8 compilation 2008. A must have series of comps.

6. Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair / Everlasting rose
: great Italian nu jazz track this for the dancefloor, with a good vocal. From "Sister Bossa 8" Irma Italy, 2008. told you they are a must have.

7. Mr Hermano / Free as the morning sun
: personal fave record from the Britsh based Mr Hermano. From the album of the same title. 2001.

8. Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra / Baise moi
: More funky jazzy stuff from D`Jazzonga.

9. Nick Holder / Da sam bop
: excellent house jazz fron Nick Holder. album available on download only.2008.

10. James Brown / There was a time (Kenny Dope remix)
: one of the all time great funk tracks. Should it be remixed, well I would say no, but Kenny Dope has pulled this excellent one out of the bag. Love it. From the otherwise disapointing Verve Remixed 4 compiltion 2008. Worth buying for this one track IMO.

11. Sunset Soul presents Da Wiesel / Boogaloo stomp (original version)
: carrying on the funk with his sampled groove available on a 7' from the Good Groove label 2008.

12. Jazzinvaders / Perugia
: absolutley love the Jazzinvaders. this is from their second album "Blow on Hollands" Social Beats label. The most played track is the soulful vocal "Day By Day" however this is the best track on the album IMO. 2008

13. Jaz'presso / Kurage
: Quality Japanese jazz outfit keep turning out some wondeful tunes.from their latest album "Eeriedance" S2S label. 2008.

14. Povo / Uam uam
: classic nujazz track from their 2005 album "We Are Povo". (there was a Freddie Hubbard track called "Povo" if I'm not mistaken)

15. Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi / Please dont leave
: No strangers to Fro mixes are these 2 giants of Italian nujazz and this a classic vocal track in it`s original version to finsh on. From the excellent "Several People" album, Schema records Italy 2004.

special thnx to Fro-Disa!!!

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